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Our electromechanics company, CONTROLEC, is located in Terrebonne.

We can work all over Quebec, in the regions of Greater Montreal, on both the North Shore and South Shore.

Our services

Our company was founded in 2006, and today it has 6 qualified employees. Thanks to our extensive experience in electromechanics, we take care of the automatisation, control and troubleshooting of food appliances. We work for both companies and food production groups as well as for small and medium size businesses. You can count on our know-how for the calibration and upgrading of your industrial machines. In addition to these activities, our services also include oven calibration. Our technical skills allow us to carry out safe and reliable work.

Over 10 years of experience in electromechanics

Électro mécanique Montréal

A definition of electromechanics

Automatisation Rive-Nord

Also called electrotechnics, the field of electromechanics refers to all the installation and maintenance techniques for automated machines. Our electro-mechanical technicians perfectly know how food appliances work. You can contact us for cleaning, verification, lubrication as well as for the setting of the different components of your food production machines. We can carry out a diagnosis to identify possible defects that harm the proper functioning of your equipment, in order to avoid the risk of breakdown.

We are committed to extending the life of your machines, which is why we offer you personalized advice about their use.

Electro-mechanical technicians specialized in the maintenance and troubleshooting of food appliances

Our advantages :

  • Versatility
  • Friendliness of our staff
  • Methodical spirit
  • Analytical capacity
  • Large experience in electronics and electrotechnics

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