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Located in Terrebonne, our company CONTROLEC carries out the automatisation of your food equipment.

Whether you are in Montreal, on the North Shore, South shore or in another city of Quebec, you can count on our services.

Automatisation, a revolutionary technology

Automatisation is a technology consisting in operating a machine or a range of machines in an automated manner, that is without any human intervention. Thanks to their huge experience in electromechanics, our experts will ensure the automatisation of all your food appliances.

In order to do so, we put our mechanical, electronic and programming knowledge into practice. Since our areas of competence are quite broad, we also carry out the security check of your machinery.

Entrust the automatisation of your food machines to our qualified electro-mechanical technicians

Automatisation Montréal

The automatisation of food equipment, a job reserved for experts

Automatisation Rive-Nord

We can adapt to a huge variety of automatons. Before starting work, we determine the inputs and outputs of each machine and we focus our work depending on its characteristics. In order to program your machine, first of all, we carry out a functional analysis.

Afterwards, we test the equipment with a series of tests and corrections are made, if necessary. After our intervention, your automated machines will work properly.

Automatisation: a solution to reduce the workload

Our electro-mechanical technicians have sophisticated understanding of :

  • Industrial computing
  • Algorithmics
  • Electricity

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