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Located in Terrebonne, our company CONTROLEC carries out the maintenance and troubleshooting of your food equipment.

We currently have 6 qualified employees.

Upgrading of your production machines

It is important to stress the importance of the maintenance and troubleshooting of your food production machinery. This initiative allows to maintain their power and to increase their lifespan. We are able to work all over Canada to carry out the reconditioning, revision and upgrading of your food equipment. We thus offer you a maintenance program to anticipate and prevent the risk of breakdown. In addition to these services, the maintenance and repair of your vacuum pumps are no secret to us.

For a food equipment in good working condition

Maintenance / dépannage électromécanique Montréal

Reliable maintenance and troubleshooting service

Maintenance / dépannage électromécanique Rive-Nord

Whether you live in Montreal, on the North or the South Shore or in any other city of Quebec, you can count on the know-how of our electro-mechanical technicians. We ensure all types of maintenance and troubleshooting work for industrial machines. In addition, you can count on our skills in the field of HACCP calibration of your smokehouses. Our technicians also take care of the elaboration, installation and activation of your drying and fermentation room.

Trust our experts in maintenance and troubleshooting of food equipment


Some of our missions :

  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Carrying out the proper adjustments
  • Identifying defective parts
  • Ensuring the assembly of your equipment

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