Pour un service sans compromis


  • Seven days a week, 24 hours a day services
  • Programmation of programmable automaton and operator display
  • (allen bradley, siemens,twido, mitsubishi, red lion etc.)
  • Data acquisition system
  • Electrical installation for control and power
  • Electrical installation for instrumentation and calibration
  • HACCP calibration and instrumentation for smokehouses
  • Elaboration, installation and activation of drying and fermentation rooms
  • Electrical installation of dc and ac speed variator
  • Manufacture and installation of control panels (CSA) Plans and specifications development (low, voltage, instrumentation and control)
  • Mechanical integration
  • Reconditioning, revision, upgrading of used equipment
  • Preventive maintenance program and specialized maintenance
  • Maintenance and repair of vacuum pumps
  • Design and manufacture of stainless stell equipment
  • ACIA validation of 'cold spots' cooking
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